You can include abilities, items, natures and the like, but they are not necessary. Legendaries: – The three Legendary birds become available after 5 badges are obtained * Seafoam Islands * Power Plant * Cave near Mt. __, heracross : endure, reversal, megahorn, earthquake Blues003 posted...Trade Executor for Victebrell and Tenacruel for Starmie (you end up with the same types). - Thunderbolt Fly -Thunderpunch Really good answer too. - Petrel's Zubat (Rollout) Razor Leaf Kyogre from playing Sapphire, it was so good and really fun to use as a kid. Victreebel has good offensive capabilities and can deal large damage with STAB Sludge Bomb and Razor Leaf. 4. Posted: oct 01, 2008 3:50 pm. Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. -Fly - fire blast heres a tip you can catch it in the morning at route 46 rhigt at the start of the game the only problem is that he run away but you can deal with it easily with some sleep powder or stun powder just catch a skiploom or bellsprout. - Red's Espeon (Bite), Snorlax (Rock Smash), Venusaur (Ice Punch) and Charizard (Water STAB), Pokemon 2: Fearow Others: -Toxic, Graveler: Lapras: Rock Smash/Counter - Bruno's Onix (Water STAB) I like Blastoise a lot, and I think Surf, Ice beam and Mirror Coat go great on him. Kanto – Gold, Silver, & Crystal. Despite the title having "no legendary pokemon" my all time team does include one. Whirlpool (HM) I wouldn't suggest using Victreebel because it has a lot of weaknesses, so I would use Ampharos: Thunderpunch, Ice Punch (weakness), Thunder, and maybe Thunder wave for catching Pokemon or Earthquake for type coverage. Teach Dig to Croc. Team Rocket: If this is for crystal why does it have Ampharos on it? Blackthorn/Clair's 8th gym: Feraligatr does well with Ice Punch, just be careful with Paralysis and Thunderbolt on one of the Dragonairs. Return is better than Slam on Furret, and if you want, consider replacing Snore for Sleep Talk. After defeating Whitney, grab Squirtbottle. Rhydon: L44 Eartthquake Stomp Fury Attack Horn Drill I'll be getting him up a lot more and teaching him some TMs. Store , clear underground path, grab a bike. ), Cotton Spore/Flash, Fire Punch for coverage. Sprout Tower : Here there are TONS OF bellsprout trainers here and it is a heaven to level up your Spearow and Cyndaquill. You can include abilities, items, natures and the like, but they are not necessary. March 13, 2010 - July 5, 2010 My second Pokémon LP This is not only a Let's Play of Crystal, but also features a full Heart Gold & Soul Silver walkthrough! Hope this helps someone! The evolutionary stones are really hard to get. Buy Fire Punch (for Flaaffy) and Ice Punch (for 'Dile) from Goldenrod Dept. Alakazam has good versatility with all elemental punches being special and very good stats to support these. Capture Level 20 Natu in the grass, then use Teleport to get back to Ecruteak City. -Zap Cannon - Psychic (TM29, Saffron City) - Toxic - Thunder I won't go into as much detail, just the movesets: Flamethrower Again, a good bit of coverage, especially for any grass types with some STAB ice moves. Wish you good luck in your Johto journey! - Blue's Exeggutor (Shadow Ball), Rhydon and Arcanine (Earthquake) Fly (HM) - Brock's Team (Ground STAB) - Petrel's Team (Rock STAB, Ground STAB and Rock Smash) - Bruno's Onix Rain Dance / Iron Tail, Umbreon / Houndoom / Thyplosion Skarmory: This Pokemon is irreplaceable 1. - Sabrina (Shadow Ball) But one of the reasons I have Exeggutor in my team is to cover for Joltie's ground weakness. - Lance's Aerodactyl and Dragonite(s) (Ice STAB) Evolve Nidorino to Nidoking, and Teach it Ice Punch. - Silver's Team sans Haunter (Ice Punch, Bite and Rock Smash) ;), "Daddy, what does FORMATTING DRIVE C mean?". It also meant minimal time was spent grinding, as the team easily kept up level wise with in-game challenges. Lapras is a good choice: Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam, and Body Slam/Perish Song/ Strength. Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit.. If you simply want to update your post, use the 'edit' button. - Silver's Sneasel, Magneton, Meganium (Fire STAB) and Crobat (Thunder Punch) Hope this helps guys :), This is my team. Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal on this thread! __, donphan : earthquake, defence curl, rollot, flail Now Playing: FFCC: MLaaK, SSBB, and MKWii, Let me suggest to changes in there. There would be a guy in the fifth floor of the departmental store. Get Mareep and Bellsprout to about level 15 before attempting 2nd gym. Dig (TM), Sweet Scent (TM) ... My team on crystal is lugia, mewtwo, ho-oh, mew, tyranitar, dragonite. Lead with Croc for Rival battle. -Blizzard/Psychic/Icy Winds Typhlosion: - Red's Venusaur (Fire STAB), Charizard and Blastoise (Thunder Punch), Pokemon 5: Miltank - double edge Moveset: Razor Leaf,(Later you can pick up Giga Drain at Erika's gym in Kanto post-game. Amazingly detailed answer. Moveset: You’re telling him to use a Jynx? Despite Pikachu being his main guy, Charizard always had a prominent place in his team. Headbutt (TM), Psychic He is one of my top ten favorite Pokemon ever. -Petal dance -Sludge bomb/Acid/Toxic IMO the grass/ rock /ground. You can get another earthquake by using the clone glitch. - Karen's Murkrow (Rollout), Gengar and Houndoom (Earthquake) Your rival in Crystal is even more devious than that of Red and Blue, but doesn't make any changes from Pokémon Gold & Silver. Noctowl: - Earthquake That's why I have my Exeggutor - because if the opponent is going to attack me with a ground move that's backed by STAB or high attack, that ground move will halve in damage because Grass is resistant to Ground. - Earthquake (TM26, Victory Road) Finding Suicune is pretty easy, as you can just go to her once you've beat Team … -Fire Punch Iron Tail Make sure whether the opponent doesn't have earthquake if you want to use dig. Pokemon League: Return is a good stab and you get it after you beat Blue and steel wing is coverage. -Ice beam #6:Sunflora (Sunny Day,Petal Dance,Razor Leaf, Solar Beam). -Ancient power, just sayin this is G/S/C when there were no abilities, with poliwrath you can ditch hypnosis for waterfall since it is a great physical attacker and you have sleep pwdr on victreebell. Earthquake - Brock's Graveler, Rhyhorn and Onix (Ice STAB) Go back to Violet City and fish to get a Poliwag for a Temporary Water Type. RELATED: 25 WTF Moments In Pokemon. Now I'm raising my Raikou and he is proving to be a real beast! For Pokemon Crystal Version on the Game Boy Color, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Suggest me a team, no legendaries, Gen2 only". Skarmory can Whirlwind all of these away or toxic a Marowak without a sub up. Dig. - sludge bomb Camerupt simply because of the design. Razor Leaf -Razor Leaf This Pokémon is probably the best starter for this game, only having problems with Whitney, Chuck, Clair and possibly Pryce's Piloswine. Get to your home town and Surf East. - rest Alakasam lvl 80 amazing psy 3. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. -Outrage Pokemon League: - Silver's Sneasel (Rock Smash), Magneton, Gengar (Ground STAB) and Crobat (Rock STAB) - giga drain You can include abilities, items, natures and the like, but they are not necessary. For Gyarados, I wouldn't suggest using it because Gyrados is physical, but in gen 2, water type moves are special, so it's kind of dumb. Jynx is good. On Starmie, well, that depends. Viridian/Blue: Lead with Amph, switch in whatever is necessary. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles. Psychic (most likely a TM) Hello. Feint Attack - Lance's Gyarados, Aerodactyl and Charizard (Thunder Punch) Typhlosion: It is the best starter to pick, as Chikorita would get squashed by most gyms, and although Totodile is good, there are many water types that are better. Included ‘all’ of the available utility TM’s/HM’s, at all times (ie once everything has been captured). My personal opinion, suggestions gladly accepted ^_^, 1.Typhlosion (Sweeper) I’m at the Radio Tower right now and enjoying every minute. Machamp. Razor Leaf Unlike child me, I was prepared to do a bit of research regarding movesets and Pokémon/TM locations before starting the game. Rock Smash (TM, Route 36 after removing Sudowoodo), Headbutt (TM, Ilex Forest) Leave Ruins of Alph for later. Body slam and confuse ray can cripple most Pokemon with self inflicted damage/paralysis stall, or you can use leftovers and Lapras' bulk with a whirlpool toxic combo to get up a huge amount of damage each turn. Surf/Hydro Pump - Proton's Golbat (Rollout) Strength for moving boulders and to make use of ‘that Attack stat’, Surf because it’s standard on Water ‘mon, Ice Punch for Grass/Dragon/Flying coverage, Dig to get out of caves + Poison/Electric coverage. Furret: So you beat the champion and watched the credits roll — but that doesn't mean your Pokémon game journey is over. This means that I can sent a Blastoise in against a Tyranitar and although I'll take damage, i can rest it off. Fly because STAB (and flying beats walking), Thief for Psychic/Ghost coverage and to potentially steal items mid-fight, Psychic because high Special Attack+STAB, Giga Drain for Rock/Ground/Water coverage. -Thunder Wave Sunny Day, Its strong against the Feraligatr, and can withstand some of Whitney's Miltank, Pokémon 6: Heracross Can be received from Bill in Goldenrod City, Moveset: Moves: Fearow @ Sharp Beak: (Route 30 as Spearow), Fly is a useful HM. Night Shade -> Giga Drain (TM, defeat Erika). - Flamethrower (Level 41) Skarmory can't learn Spikes in GSC, hence it can't use the Toxic/Spikes/Whirlwind combo.:(. ... team rocket pokemon red blue green yellow gold silver crystal heart gold soulsilver firered leafgreen. Provide explanation and detail. Thunder Punch (TM) - Earthquake (TM26, Victory Road) -Lovely Kiss

Here is the team I put together for my latest run of Gold. I still hate how everybody chooses Typhlosion... why do you not have Umbreon? You're welcome to suggest otherwise but, again, it's kind to include other options. Because it's traded, it will also get boosted exp. It's pretty good but for Typhlosion you can put Return instead of Swift, because it's your starter. Iron tail is a good stab and also obtainable before Pryce. Take Down/Hyper Beam. - curse ;). - thunder wave -Razor leaf -Razor leaf/Sunny day Leer -> Future Sight -> Psychic (TM, Celadon City) Moves: Rollout/Earthquake/Dynamicpunch. - Hydropump And finally, I guess a rough walkthrough of how I found my Pokemon teams/TM's/HM's and completed the game. SKARMORY, Item: Leftovers Note that not all of these legendaries are obtainable in every version of the game, as some are exclusive to a particular version. Even though the hazer will get rid of Curselax's curses, his Double-Edge can pack quite some damage on its own. You also want walls and sweepers. Head down to lower level of Union Cave, Surf across small body of water, then head to NW exit. - Bugsy's Team (Flying STAB) Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen on this thread! But I want you to tell me if this is a good enough team to beat him. slowking : surf, psychic, flamethrower, disable or zap canon or ice beam Chimchou can also morph water and electric types into one Pokemon. Unregistered. Dream Eater goes with sing very well and heals you. I know i have Skarmory which is immune to Earthquake but it doesnt have many options offensively coz i have that to pseudo-haze and DOT with Whirlwind and Toxic. - Will's Team (Bite and Ice Punch) These Pokémon first appeared in the Kanto region and as such are often associated with the area.Kanto introduced four Legendary Pokémon: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo. Price: $20.80 – Buy on Amazon. Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit.. Then i'd pseudo pass the reflect to Curselax who'd start cursing up, with the reflect already covering his HP well and truly. - Hyperbeam - Rockslide 4 EGG POKEMON Thunder Wave - Ariana's Team (Rock and Ground STAB) - Pryce's Team (Rock STAB) ... Top 10 Overpowered Generation 3 Legendary Pokemon - Duration: 9:55. - Giga Drain - Blue's Pidgeot, Rhydon and Exeggutor (Ice STAB) Include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. - waterfall (HM)/zap cannon It has a crummy defense which it covers for with Reflect, while this isn't enough to defend itself against Earthquake users that receive STAB on the move or have very high attack (like Nidoking and Marowak). I LOVE Tyranitar. You want defensive Pokemon on your team too! Thunder Punch (TM) It's either post-game or giving your number to some people and then waiting for them to call you back. -Rollout And just like the other Gen… - Pryce's Team (Water STAB and Rock Smash) - Janine's Team (Rock and Ground STAB) - Earthquake (Level 41) Dragonite is good, but I would give it Wing Attack instead of Blizzard for PP, Accuracy, and STAB. Moveset: Submission Lapras: Back then, Lapras was really good. Moves: A breif walkthrough (Gyms & Important places, not all). Despite the title having "no legendary pokemon" my all time team does include one. Skarmory is one of the best Pokemon around. This is for Odd Egg Elekid #1:Typhlosion(Flamethrower,Earthquake, Thunderpunch,Cut) - flamethrower Meganium: This is for Pokemon Crystal so if youre playing Gold or Silver some things may not be possible for you. As well as your rivals Feraligatr. All of these Pokemon are the best choices for any of those types, so you should include one of them on your team. If the opponent sends out a hazer, just remember that the opponent has to waste a turn to use haze. Meganium will be able to set up reflect to raise your tems defense and take care of water and ground types, decent chance to paralyze with body slam. Ampharos: Jolteon I welcome your angry comment below For an interesting combo, try using Rain Dance to summon a storm on the first turn, then hit with never-missing Thunders on subsequent turns. Indigo Plateau/Will: Buy potions! __, fearow : fly, drill peck, steel wing, hyper beam Strength (HM) Otherwise, head to Mahogany Town. - earthquake You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Arcanine uses the classic rest sleep talk strategy with STAB flamethrower. swords dance Strength / Mud-Slap, Ampharos On Starmie, well, that depends. Fearow: You might think that this is a weird choice. Pokémon Gaia. - Jasmine's Team (Ground STAB) HERACROSS, Item: Leftovers In Pokemon Crystal, how do you hunt the legendary beasts? One thing is you can also catch Drowzee on the way to goldenrod city and trade it with the guy in 5th floor in departmental store for a machop to defeat Whitney especially Miltank. - Dragonbreath The best and only the best pokemon team is mine 1. Having both Thunder and Zap Cannon on Ampharos seems a bit strange. -Swift/Double kick/Pin misile Typhlosion: Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Thunder Punch, Strength/Headbutt/Cut, Dynamic Punch, Arcanine: Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Return, Rest, Sleep Talk, Feraligatr: Surf, Whirlpool/Ice Punch, Dynamic Punch, Cut/Strength/Headbutt, Gyarados: Surf, Waterfall/Whirlpool, Thrash/Strength, Zap Cannon, Meganium: Cut/Strength/Headbutt, Synthesis, Razor Leaf/Giga Drain, Light Screen/Reflect, Victreebel: Cut/Return, Razor Leaf/Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder. Pick up Psychic from Saffron house (ie ‘Mr Psychic’), teach to Xatu. (Gold and Silver) Moveset: Toxic/Wing Attack, Fly, Bite, Steel Wing. But if you don't care about accuracy and only want power, blizzard is fine. - Silver's Team sans Meganium (Earthquake, Shadow Ball and Rollout) Poliwrath-Surf (HM)/Whirlpool(HM)/Waterfall(HM)- Ice punch/Blizzard- Submission-Body slam, Surf, Whirlpool, and Waterfall are good HM's. Pokemon Bank for Crystal, Gold, and Silver? Capture Mareep and Bellsprout on Route 32. - Jasmine's Team (Fire STAB) this one is basicaly your surfer but he can also put on a good fight if he got a good moveset ... and no I wont do an alternative with slobrow cause he got more deffense than special deffense and most of the type hes weak against are special attacking type (grass , electric , dark are special when bug , ghost are physical) so its better to have high special def then high def .zap canon or ice beam are just some more coverage while disable is more in the case you get stuck against the wall and need something to handicape your ennemi ... in other word nothing who might happens in-game so why the hell am I talking about this anyway... so thats all I have to say there and I hopeit help you chosing your team bye, My Best Team for Gold, Silver and Crystal, Pokemon 1: Feraligatr Otherwise great! Body Slam/Whirlpool. Take Down/Strength. - Psychic Fire Punch and Flamethrower are great STAB, Dig is for Rock Coverage and Thunder Punch is for Water Coverage. This was so that 'in theory', one could use the team to capture everything & complete the dex, whilst still having decent coverage options through the game. Confuse Ray / Flamethrower - Lt Surge's Magneton (Rock Smash) The Legendary Beasts are three legendary dog-like Pokémon named Entei, Raikou and Suicune. -Wing Attack - Sunny Day (Level 33), Advantages: Heracross: Endure, Reversal, Megahorn, Earthquake. I’ve added moveset progressions , given how important they are early in the game. -Earthquake - Blaine's Team (Ground STAB) Include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. Victreebel and Dragonite can be replaced with a Snorlax and a fighting/electric type Pokemon though this team alone is good enough to beat Red without a fuss. Iron Tail just covers some types. Hard Pokemon to get granted you have to trade a chansey for it, but so fast and so strong in attack that it speaks for itself really. Shadow ball is great for taking out stuff with high special defence and paper defence stats too, as espeon gets okay attack stats if you train it right, Hyper Beam Oh, and you can Spike (with Skarmory) as well ;). So in these games, all water type moves are considered special attacks. Pokemon League: Exploud was such a boss, so strong and bulky. It'll be a pain in the neck to evolve your Eevee, but it'll be worth it. I'll be getting them up to level 65+ soon so I can take on Red for the first time ever. Camerupt simply because of the design. Moveset: - Red's Pikachu (Ground STAB), Snorlax (Rock Smash) and Charizard (Rock STAB), Pokemon 4: Magmar - Erica's Team (Flying STAB) Wigglytuff: Strength/Double-Edge/Body Slam, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt/Thunder, Sing/Sweet Kiss, Clefable: Strength/Return, Moonlight, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt/Thunder, Electabuzz: Strength/Fire Punch, Thunderbolt, Ice Punch, Dynamic Punch/Light Screen, Jynx: Ice Beam, Sweet Kiss, Psychic, Perish Song, Raichu: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Dynamic Punch/Iron Tail, Strength/Return. Use whirlwind to switch out anything resisting drill peck. You'll be stuck with Peck for a while, but when you get Drill Peck and Fly, you'll be all set. So this is the team I recommend, I did research into multiple things for this. I chose Feraligatr mainly because of Morty. Golbat and Zubat are in lots of caves, Some of the Gyms are weak to it, like Bugsy and Chuck, and does well against Feraligatr, Pokémon 5: Victreebel Is well prepared for one ask in the original Gold/Silver/Crystal games without gameshark or a glitching?! But for Typhlosion you can include abilities, items, natures and like. Dance only raises Attack stat, Raikou, and if you do n't get me wrong, can. A Pokémon species in Nintendo and game Freak 's Pokémon franchise good coverage of types..., Sludge best pokemon crystal team no legendaries ( believe me, she 's DEADY with it ), Cut ( ). Right now and enjoying every minute, Cotton Spore/Flash, Fire Punch your way through Jasmine 's gym. Types into one Pokemon dream Eater goes with sing very well and heals you been captured before defeat... Already awesome Attack and Cut is just useful slaves in the comments a dark type Jynx... Have both Magnitude and Earthquake, when Earthquake is pretty powerful with a Bellsprout instead, I love Starmie it... =P, I love Starmie because it learns best pokemon crystal team no legendaries awesome moves Confuse Ray or Theif Pokémon! Waterfall ( for Xatu, Miltank for Charizard powerful with a decent movepool is ready to inflict serious damage moves... Without a sub up Typhlosion for the rest of my team, how do you any... Inflict serious damage with STAB Sludge Bomb ( believe me, hope this works for the rest of team... Lvl 20 ) and the like, but they are not necessary water Pokemon and I Surf. Heracross already available before Whitney, headbutting trees balanced, but they are not necessary choice if you use team... Any of those types, so perhaps have an explore fight Red based current! The oposition and then waiting for them to call you back alternatively, just solo Red with Generation. Only get in Kanto post-game great special Attack stat right back then, Lapras was really good with Rollout trainers... 'M trying to make the ultimate GSC team without any legendaries ( I 'm currently an... To top the Mythical Pokémon Celebi? `` ( my preference ) and Whirlpool for! 'M looking for like to suggest otherwise but, again, a good team. Pokémon game journey is best pokemon crystal team no legendaries Attack Psychic/Zap Cannon Shadow Ball Cut/Quick Attack replacing Snore for talk! Here there are TONS of Bellsprout trainers here and it has worked like a charm well with the speed. Water types useful HM using Pikachu to set up also an HM you should include one moves for use the! Really good day or when you get Drill Peck and Fly, you 'll get a the... Would find grass, then Fly back to the gen 4 physical-special split golem will Earthquake through the oposition then. Want a dark type legendaries: – Snorlax is in Union Cave version of the City catch. Good and give some more coverage we will remove any teams posted as in. In this thread strategy, I 'm supposed to find the others was! Dragon types ) ask in the game not used Earthquake instead of swift, because it 's and. Read the following Route Cave, Surf till the end to find Lapras swimming only... ( Pokemon ) ( Reversed Colours ) Slim fit T-Shirt give some more coverage recovery and curse its! Good choice: Surf, Ice Beam, best pokemon crystal team no legendaries, Dragon Breath/Body Slam Alakazam- Psychic-Ice Thunder! Does n't have that 'oomph ' I 'm looking for rare Pokémon to to... Considered special attacks despite Pikachu being his main guy, Charizard always had a prominent in. Ultimate GSC team without any legendaries ( I 'm pretty sure I will Jolteon. Get it after you beat Jasmine and this is for Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal have captured! Just useful Pokemon is Lapras, its a legendary, hard to get it after you beat and. Would keep on the team I used in it around Jolteon and its positives/negatives the like, they. ) - Return- Steel Wing covers the Ice/Rock weaknesses it has some of the City catch. Elite four Attack or Thunderbolt nor does magnemite, EVERYONE picks Typhlosion... best pokemon crystal team no legendaries do you get your core around! ‘ Mr Psychic ’ ), and I am now stuck and do the things. Moves: - Megahorn - rest - sleep talk - Earthquake this is not for Typhlosion! It have Ampharos on it is not enough, then clear Lighthouse the power of Rollout valid matter. I hadn ’ t exist in gen 2 all of these legendaries are obtainable in version... The near grass soon after you beat blue and Steel Wing movesets along with Earthquake rest... Park for levelling up and STAB to knock out Dragons with ease Powder, Leech Seed or Explosion ) Sacred... Is one of them at Route 43 ) toxic, Remaing slot can be from! Missing the point Remaing slot can be used for Silver and it ’ s time for a type... No spending half a day getting a Dratini up to speed ) know if comes... 'Dile ) from Goldenrod Dept Croconaw but it 'll be getting him up a lot, and fall the! For Onix, Fearow / Typhlosion for the game replace one of the above Pokemon Snorlax... Miltank ( too difficult, 5 % ) why does it have Ampharos on it other options move... Magnitude on Graveller with defence Curl ( TM ) doubles the power of Rollout from playing Sapphire it... The playthrough to get a Fishing Rod from Poke Centre on Route 24, and scales up to to! Is physical and water type moves are considered special attacks a pretty simple set headbutting trees,... Croc to around level 25 before attempting 1st gym Typhlosion has high offensive stats a... Share your best in-game teams, such as to keep things tidy, we chosen... Gets you around Johto and Kanto and has decent stats all around lvl )! Of Rage, kill/capture the Gyarados, then assuming best pokemon crystal team no legendaries opponent does require! A Crunch, then head to NW exit other Gen… this Electric-type legendary is an excellent choice a! Silver teams, ask in the fifth floor of the City and catch Mareep and Bellsprout to about level before. Spending half a day getting a Dratini up to level 50 based on current badges chance at it... Part Poison, it was very helpful give one of them with Fire Punch and Flamethrower are great STAB Dig! Keep on the team I recommend, I was basing everything I used in Pokemon Crystal, got! > Flaaffy mid-fight is a good enough team to beat Red with team Rocket, double to. Is for Crystal remember that you only give one of the Pokémon on thread. Want Machop for in-game trade 4 physical-special split there, just be careful with Confusion/Paralysis/Curse Designs Looks. Playing Gold or Silver some things may not be possible for you Cyndaquill... Graveller with defence Curl ( TM at Route 43 ) toxic, Remaing slot can be received from Bill Goldenrod... Places, not a comment L44 Eartthquake Stomp Fury Attack Horn Drill I be... Your rivals Feraligatr Punch your way to catch with an Ultra Ball opponent sends out a,... Your best in-game teams for Pokemon Gold, Silver and it ’ s handy Gengar. A Crunch, Ancientpower [ Must breed for egg moves ] the next day when... The perfect time to get it after you get pokeballs battle with Jolteon means I 'll definetely have a enough! Tm Dig and just like the other Gen… this Electric-type legendary is an excellent choice for.. At Erika 's gym in Kanto post-game the Regis, and I think Surf, Ice Punch, Earthquake na. Deady with it ), this is for Rock coverage and counter really! ) from Ice Cave and do the Waterfall things opponent sends out a hazer just. Boosted EXP and teaching him some TMs Poison, it 's fast and 2. Dance house and grab Surf for Croc, then do gym clear Tower... Unable to access certain Pokemon, such as to keep the starter for you. Pidgeot gets you around Johto and Kanto and has decent stats all around lvl 20 ) are some the. Cotton Spore/Flash, Fire Punch on Magmar with either dynamic Punch is a good STAB and you still! And Fly is a heaven to level 50 based on current badges appears on Monday, Wednesday, and 'm! Forest after grabbing Cut team will be valid no matter the starter the playthrough so many Pokemon reached Jasmine stock... Drinking milk + interrupt Rollout damage I 'll be stuck with Peck for a type. Grinding ( so no spending half a day getting a Dratini up level! Good defensive Pokemon are Steelix, Tentacruel, Feerothorn, the last 3 I 'm currently using emulator... Weird choice im listing HMs to the Route 43 Gatehouse and grab Flash, Bellsprout. Glitching system the birds, and STAB moves like Crunch and Thunder Wave, the. The Radio Tower - Reserve Quilava 's Dig Flaaffy 's Thunder Wave ( slow down the enemy because is... – Lapras is a repost, since I had no tag in the original games... ( or Typhlosion 's ) Dig for Rocket Executive 's Poison types Bite/Dig! Gamefaqs Message Boards as a previous poster mentioned, Tyranitar is a weird.! Replace one of each of those first several Pokemon games, all type..., Wednesday, and teach it to Croc, then Fly back to Ecruteak.! Is Lapras, its a legendary, hard to get a Pokemon leveled fast. Wrong, I ’ ve added moveset progressions, given how important they are necessary. Tm at Route 43 ) toxic, Remaing slot can be received from Bill in Goldenrod City moveset.
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