out of stock Buy Now Amazon.com Comfort-fleX mesh seat flips up and out of the way; RelaX backrest with high-arch technology offers great back support; No metal on metal contact, keeping you concealed. Adjustable Padded Shooting Rail & Padded Armrests . Does anyone know of one? Orange nylon washers, spacers and caps stifle game-spooking noise. I have been looking for a ladder stand with a true flip up seat like a hanging stand and can't seem to locate one. It comes with padded seat, armrests and seatback that will keep you comfortable while up in the air. All weights, specifications and features are approximate and are subject to change without notice. Platform: 19"W x 10"D. The Retreat™ ladder stand features a flip-up, TearTuff™ mesh seat paired with a 26” deep foot platform and flip-out footrest providing plenty of room for leg stretching or space to stand and shoot. Constructed of DXT and RST extra-stable steel tubing with Fiber Guard powder-coated finish for a nonslip grip that resists the elements. X-Stand Treestands The Talon 22-ft. Ladderstand features the revolutionary Jaw Safety System which allows you to hunt at ease knowing your stand is safe and secure. Backrest: 19” High. Height: 20 ft. to the shooting rail. That flips back for full platform use. Shooting Clearance: If you'll use your ladder stand during archery season, look for a flip-up shooting rail and seat to ensure you have a clear line to your target. Whatever your hunting needs are, we have the stand for you! Padded adjustable shooting rail flips up and out of the way. Platform size: 44"W x 30"D. LUXURY This bungee and fabric seat cushion system provides optimal comfort with no bars. 4 offers from $494.00. Rivers Edge® Treestands have always been the ladder stands experts. The 27" deep platform and flip-out footrest provides plenty of room for leg stretching or space to stand and shoot. fishx65, Nov 9, 2020. fishx65, Nov 9, 2020. SUPERSIZED COMFORT. All big-game ladder stands are constructed with heavy-duty steel for rock-solid stability. ... Flip-up seat. The Odyssey comes equipped with extra thick 1" padded armrests and a 1" padded adjustable shooting rail that can be flipped back out of the way to free up your shooting lane. Seat: 23"W x 18"D x 20.5"H; 23"W x 18"H (backrest). Flip-up seat with 2″ nylon strap fastener and a 9″ minimum tree diameter. Wt. The only real downside with this stand is the (non-adjustable) seat height. This ladder tree stand comes with an excellent design and some safety features. Ladder Tree Stands The third type of hunting tree stand that I want to discuss is the ladder stand, which is essentially a lean-to ladder that leads up to a shooting platform. The Deluxe™ ladder stand makes a great choice for any hunter’s woods. capacity: 500 lbs. Seat size: 18"H x 21"W x 17"D. Make sure you're setting up your ladder stands in good spots. Any hunter would dream of owning the legacy is a 20-foot double rail ladder stand featuring a large 23-inch wide by 30 inch deep foot platform. View Details. And unbeatable quality. Ht: 18'6" to the shooting rail. Discontinued parts are outside of our control, and unfortunately we cannot source any parts marked as discontinued. This ladder stand was designed for the archer. Seat Size: 38”W x 17”D. Adjustable padded shooting rail can flip back. At first glance, the ladder stands appear to be just a seat that can be mounted on a tree trunk, but the closer you get, the differences get magnified. The flip-back padded shooting rail makes for an easy entry or exit. Wt. 9" minimum tree dia. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Height to Shooting Rail 17'1" Height to Seat 16'1" capacity: 600 lbs. Ladder Sections: 3. Also features a durable 600D padded flip-up adjustable shooting rail with armrests. capacity: 500 lbs. Decked out with two Flex-Tek™ Seats with lumbar support and an extra-large foot platform, Muddy's The Rebel 2.5 Ladder Stand delivers the back-soothing comfort and elbow room you need to take your shot. Seat size: 14”W x 16”D. 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And your favorite hunting buddy to enjoy an all-day hunt the game tree stands continues to offer undeniable quality on time-tested favorites as well as new innovations for 2010 try. The size of the stand is 15 inches. Platform: 38”W x 12”D. The Relax Wide™ ladder stand features an extra-wide, TearTuff™ mesh seat that brings all day comfort for those extra-long hunts. The Lockdown™ Wide features a 2-way adjustable shooting rail allowing you to set a height and depth that works for you. Flip-Up Foot Rest. OutdoorClip.com participates in the Amazon Affiliates program – if you make a purchase after clicking a link from OutdoorClip.com to Amazon.com, we will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. You can flip up and out the seat of its way for more spacious platform. The included drink holder and two accessory hooks keep things organized and ready for rapid access. It out there it with my Hospital big game tree stands its kind of uncomfortable with your knees just straight like. That flips up and out of the way for a clear shooting lane. capacity: 350 lbs. I remember Dicks used to sell one but don't see it on there website anymore. The flip-up, TearTuff™ mesh seat provides all day comfort and the ability to stand while shooting. Comfort-fleX mesh seat flips up and out of the way for full use of the platform. Nov 9, 2020 #2 . Review I'm the big game stealth deluxe 17 foot ladder Stan. Two full patio-chair sized MeshComfort™ Seats with Flip Up Padded Armrest. Includes a ratchet strap and two stabilizer straps. JAW SAFETY SYSTEM It features a TearTuff™ mesh seat and 18” wide foot platform for all day comfort. And jewelry outdoors comes an all-new deluxe ladder stand. The Uppercut™ is tall so you can avoid detection at close ranges and sits tight to the tree to conceal your silhouette. Orange nylon washers, spacers and caps shroud your movement in silence. Plus the extra-wide design means you have even more room. Comes standard with two complimentary drink holders and two accessory hooks. The Bowman is tall so you can avoid detection at close ranges and sit tight to the tree to conceal your silhouette. Even if you contact us, we won't be able to help, We can no longer get it from any of our suppliers, We don't know of any other source for the part, We're really sorry, we can't provide any more assistance, Contact local service centers which can be found, Take the equipment to a service center. Have confidence climbing up into your ladder. Or grates to sit on. HUNT SAFER. Its lounger seat offers an ergonomic design that brings all-day comfort for those extra-long hunts. Accessories included to make a complete system. If you're a bowhunter, look no further, the Bowman XT ladder stand is as dedicated to bowhunting as you are. Ht: 17 ft. to the shooting rail. If you're under ~5'11", you may not be comfortable with the seat height. They may be able to fix the part or have other solutions, Try searching on a search engine such as Google for your part number. And an 18-inch wide by 15 inch deep seat platform shoe inch thick seat cushions. And out of the way for bow hunting the large seat platform also flips back. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The Bowman is 19’ 9” tall so you can avoid detection at close ranges and sits tight to the tree like a hang-on stand so you can conceal your silhouette. View Details. However, unlike a hang-on, the Bowman provides the security of a ladder stand, along with a TearTuff™ mesh seat and padded armrests for excellent comfort. 29″ x 23-1/2″ Foot Platform. To be fair - you'd need to flip the seat up to get full use of that platform size, though. Backrest: 15"H x 37"W. A padded seat and flip-out footrest provide comfort for all day hunting. Something to fit every hunter's needs. Sit back and relax on your next hunt with the Relax Wide™ ladder stand. The locked-in stability of Big Game Treestands' The Hunter HD 1.5 Ladder Stand doesn't just attach to a tree – it becomes one with it. Secures With (2) Ratchet Straps. The Bowman XT ladder stand was designed for the archer. the partner two-man ladder stain features a two-man flex tech seat. Platform size: 40"W x 33"D. Wt: 75 lbs. Adjustable Ladder Support Bar. And two-person ladder stands ranging in height from 15 to 20 feet with various platform sizes seat cushions. And out of the way for full platform use two zippered ear pouches hold necessary hunting items for fast use as an added value. Wt. 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